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Heating Ideas For Your Bathroom

During winter it is a struggle to get out of the shower due to it being so cold! Luckily there are many options of heating that are suited perfectly for your bathroom. Check them out below!

IXL Tastics

You can’t look past the classic IXL 3-in-1 for your bathroom heating solution.  There are many different styles and options for IXL Tastic heaters to fit your requirements and personal taste.  They have a stand alone light, an exhaust fan and either 2 or 4 heat lamps.  The lamps use infrared technology to warm you and not your whole bathroom while also keeping the room bright. These are by far the most cost effective options for heating.

Wall Mounted Heat Strips

Heat strips are an easy to install yet super effective bathroom heater. They can be as simple as mounting to your wall and plugging them in to a nearby powerpoint. You can get wall heaters that include timers, thermostats and more just like any other heater!

Convection Heater

If your bathroom is on the smaller side and you don’t have much space to install a wall strip, a convection heater is another option you can choose if you are wanting more control than what an IXL Tastic offers. The convection heater is installed up higher in the bathroom than the standard wall heater and offers similar controls.

Heated Towel Rail

This option is a bit of a different one but is well worth it. Nothing beats the feeling of getting out of a nice warm shower and having a warm towel to wrap yourself in. A heated towel rail is a must have in winter. Even better, it dries your towels quicker!

If any of these options sound like something you need in your bathroom be sure to contact us on the details provided below!

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