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Tips on Choosing Ceiling Fans

Tempest II ceiling fan from Brilliant Lighting - Electrician Geelong

Features of Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are are an essential appliance in the household. Particularly during those summer months and are an affordable solution when air conditioning is not an option.

They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and materials. With or without lighting, remote controls, Bluetooth controlled and even with smart WiFi functionality for home automation. You can also get DC or AC fan motors. We prefer to install AC fans as they are more cost effective. However, technology is always changing and we are keeping an eye on DC fans. Main differences include faster start up (AC) and more speed options (DC). We like to use the Tempest range of ceiling fans from Brilliant Lighting. They come in a range of colours, feature an LED light and can also be purchased with a remote control.

Remote Control Kits

At J C Williams we love remote control fan kits, but they aren’t all made the same. A useful feature that is not available across all brands and models is a remote reset function for the light. Imagine this, you turn the light on the fan off from your remote, you then lose the remote. Usually this means searching in the dark for the remote.

We really dislike those remote kits. To combat this, we install remote fan kits that allow you to reset the remote by using the power switch at the wall (these look like a light switch, but they are basically a power switch which turns the whole fan unit off). Switching the light off at the wall and back on after a few seconds the remote will be reset and the light will turn on. The light will remain on until you turn the unit off at the wall or find/replace the remote. Keep in mind that the fan cannot be used until the remote is found or replaced.

One more point to keep in mind is that you can’t have a remote control and a wall control at the same time. Without getting into the science, they are both controlling the fan speeds in different ways which are not compatible with each other. This is something to think about when choosing a fan.

Summer and Winter Modes

Another feature a lot of people don’t know about is the summer and winter function. Usually controlled by a toggle switch on the fan base, sometimes on the remote. This changes the direction in which the fan turns, switching the airflow from blowing downward (summer) to blowing upward (winter). Fans do not change the temperature of a room, but create airflow with gives a “wind chill effect” by increasing evaporation of perspiration on the skin in summer mode, and by moving warm air which has risen to the ceiling to the lower parts of a room in winter mode.

Get in Touch

There’s a lot of information here on ceiling fans and we hope that it has helped you to decide on some features to look out for. If you are thinking about getting some ceiling fans or would like to know more, give us a call on 0458 201 052 or email us at We are your first choice electrician in Geelong.

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